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Alternative to Problems with Pallet Jacks – easily move heavy carpet tiles

August 29, 2011 by Jeri Masterson In News

We heard recently from one of the “FREE tool for a video” program we launched with the carpet and tile installers at the CFI conference mid-August. (CFI stands for Certified Floorcovering Installers.) Scott Terryberry of Rocky Mountain Floor Design is  getting ready to install carpet tile in a hospital project just as soon as the floor is ready.

Easily Move Heavy Boxes

BigSlider™ Wider Model 29.5 x 59 inches

He plans to use his new BigSlider™ Wider model to distribute the heavy 25 in x 25 in boxes of carpet tiles around inside the job site so he doesn’t have to use a pallet jack. His goal is to avoid two problems he’s previously had with pallet jacks on a new install site, namely: (1) the pallet jack can leak oil on the newly installed floorcovering; and (2) if the pallet breaks, splintered wood can damage the new floors.

Awesome Scott – we hope the BigSlider™ “Save Your Back” tool makes your job easier and more productive. Can’t wait to see the video!



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