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BigSlider™ helped move a carpet roll when the forklift was broken

August 01, 2011 by Jeri In News

One of our customers needed to make delivery of a 700 lb carpet roll at Lowe’s when their forklift was broken. He needed to stay on his delivery schedule. Solution? Fortunately he had BigSlider™ utility mover on the delivery truck. They combined a pallet jack with his BigSlider™ Professional model to get the heavy carpet roll delivered.

So…BigSlider™ utility mover has officially gone from the “When nothing else will work“* moving tool to the “When other stuff is broken” moving tool!

Have a safe and productive day, Jeri

*Excerpt from a “When nothing else will work” story…”At first I was not sure what to do with the Big Slider, but now I’m really impressed with it because it worked where nothing else would. There were only two ways we could have moved those logs, a tractor which would have tore up the yard, or the Big Slider. I’m glad I chose Big Slider. It’s a great tool. Thanks for your amazing product.” — MB, TX



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