Bigslider, What do YOU call it?

September 13, 2010 by Dick In News

One of the problems that we have in getting the word out about out great product is that it is unique, so no one really knows what to call it. We think of it as a “utility mover” because that is its function. The problem is, who else would ever think of something like that?

When our friend Kent went looking for us, he thought of terms like “sliding plastic mover”, “moving plastic pad” and “plastic or rubber mat” . unfortunately, we had not used those terms to describe the Bigslider™, so he had trouble finding us.

We have been referred to as a cargo slider, custom slider, floor slider, slider mat, dragalong slider, drag-a-long slider, slider mat, heavy item moving mat, sliding mat, moving mat, moving sheet, or sliding plastic sheet. We would like to know about any terms that you might think of that you would use to refer to this great tool. Drop us a note and let us know your ideas and we will post them here to try to help others find this moving tool when they have a need for it.



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