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Build a Patio?

September 13, 2010 by Dick In News

We just got a note from one of our customers telling us how Bigslider™ helps him in building a patio.

“I am using your product to drag concrete blocks at my daughters house to build a patio.”

He also related how he learned about our product when he saw a demo on HDTV years ago. At that time, he had no immediate use for a Bigslider™, but he remembered it, and when he did need it, he went looking on the Internet.

After some false starts, he reports that he finally located us by searching for “plastic or rubber mat used to slide plants or objects across grass or surfaces”. We will be making a few changes to our site to make it easier to find and appreciate the feedback we got from Kent. Thanks, Kent, and we hope you enjoy using your new Bigslider™!

For some pictures and detail about using Bigslider™ on a patio repair project, go to our blog about doing just that!



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