Carpet Layers: titmouse v the moss garden

March 13, 2010 by Jeri Masterson In News

Cats v Titmouse

Mid-march the Texas titmouse is busily building it’s nest. Or so we found out when we saw them removing one inch squares from our carefully tended moss garden. What a nice wall-to-wall carpet for their new homes!

How to prevent further damage? Tip had the idea of placing some cat statues out like scare crows. That actually worked for about two days. We saw some start to fly in, then quickly swoop out on seeing the cat outlines.

They quickly got smart and started lifting the delicate moss again. Finally I put down freeze prevention sheets and BigSlider™ utility movers to cover the moss. Thus, we survived the nesting season without further damage to the beautiful moss garden…More on real carpet layers later!                     Jeri



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