CFI Convention – Floor Covering Carpet Tile Hardwoods

CFI Convention – Floor Covering Carpet Tile Hardwoods

August 24, 2011 by Jeri Masterson In News

Photo source: Floor Covering News

We learned a lot at the CFI Convention in Kansas City MO last week (Aug 11-13, 2011).  CFI stands for Certified Floorcovering Installers, which includes carpet installers or carpet layers and tile and stone installers. The meeting was part Reunion, part Pep Rally, and part Support group.

They’ve been meeting for 18 years now, so we’re pretty ‘late’ to the annual Reunion. Thankfully they aren’t an exclusive group, so they welcomed us with open arms. Jim and Jane Walker who founded CFI were very open and kind. The pep rally part of the meeting came from Jane’s bright enthusiasm as she told us the history of CFI and recounted the long-timers’ backgrounds. Each speaker called us to yell our response to “C” – “F” – “I” at the top of our lungs, and first-timers like us blew our new year’s eve toy horns.

Jane also did a great job of acknowledging persistence and achievement. For example, Ray Edwards work (of Anderson Carpet One in Hattiesburg MS) was shown in the March 2011 “Age of Elegance” Architectural Digest (their photo below). His beautiful red carpet is flowing up the circular  staircase on page 104 at the Hood house right there in Hattiesburg. What you’re missing is a photo of the equally magnificent octagonal stone floor with an elaborate center design.

Ray Edwards beautiful staircase AD Mar, 2011

We got business ideas from Jim Walker and Dave Garden and received how-to-commercialize an invention tips from Ben Boatwright. Plus, we got a mention in Floor Covering News. Thanks Matt Spieler for this photo of Tipton moving a “heavy and bulky object” (me).  I’m 140 lbs, and on the polished concrete of the convention floor I was about a 27 lb pull — a 5 X benefit — so he could easily move me single handedly. Daris Mulkin  – a frequent blogger on thefloorpro.com –  showed off by moving me with just one finger.

With hosting motivational speakers like Dennis Brown at this convention and their ongoing training courses throughout the year, CFI is obviously committed to encouraging and educating their membership to personal and professional excellence…both of which we strive for here at BigSlider.

We had a great time…the CFI-ers are a knowledgeable crew and willing to share what they know. Since everyone is there to learn more and share more, that really helps our business know how to best reach their industry. A BIG Thanks to CFI from BigSlider, the “Save Your Back” tool!



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