How-to #11: Use the best tongs EVER!

How-to #11: Use the best tongs EVER!

October 04, 2018 by Jeri Masterson In News

The reason I love these tongs is pretty simple: they WORK! My best friend told me about this brand and I've never looked back. Edlund Stainless Steel, Made in U.S.A.  are made in Burlington, Vermont. This is why we buy American!

Here are the first pair of tongs I ever used that worked - i.e., actually held the food when I grasped it. The scalloped edge is slightly roughened to give the grip. They lock when you pull the end out (making storage more compact)  and unlock when you lightly tap the end on the counter, making them very easy to deploy. They come in 9", 12", and 16" lengths. We use the first two in the kitchen and the latter on the charcoal grill. What an awesome product!

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