How-to #17: Get avocado / guacamole out of fabrics

How-to #17: Get avocado / guacamole out of fabrics

October 25, 2018 by Jeri Masterson In News

Avocado / guacamole stains have consigned several T-shirts to the gardening-use-only ranks. All the products I shared with you about getting stains out of fabric in How-to #16 fell flat. Once the goo turns brown, it's Game Over. BUT, if you catch it while it's still green then there's still hope!

Immediately run very hot water from the backside of the fabric through to the front side to get as much green goo off as possible. Then rub the front side with one drop of Mrs. Meyer's® Clean Day Dish Soap. (I like the Lemon Verbena scent.) Rub fabric against itself under very hot water and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if needed to remove every vestige. WHEW - disaster averted!

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