How-to #19: Dust the best way...then vacuum

How-to #19: Dust the best way...then vacuum

November 01, 2018 by Jeri Masterson In News

For sturdy items, I dust with unscented Swiffer® sweeper dry pad refill sheets. The sheets trap dust just as well as they do on the floor!

Fine art dealers swear by ostrich down feather dusters, and Beckner has been making them since 1913. I just ordered the "First Quality" duster to gently care for oil paintings and fine furniture by going to the "Contact" link.

Dust first, vacuum second! To clean behind heavy furniture, we slide it away from walls using our own BigSkids™ furniture movers. And, we use a Miele canister vacuum with HEPA filter to keep from recycling dust back into the house.

Being an engineer, I view all my tasks with the same desire to minimize effort. I'm sharing with you over 50 tips from friends, family members, and professionals -- whether techniques, tools, or products -- to make your chores easier! At BIGSLIDER™ utility movers, we are all about easily moving heavy stuff efficiently and effectively.



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