How-to #3: Bar Keepers Friend (BKF)

How-to #3: Bar Keepers Friend (BKF)

September 06, 2018 by Jeri Masterson In News

I must have been the last person on the planet to find out (from my cousin) about this wonderful product - I love Bar Keepers Friend! With very little effort on my part, BKF keeps stainless steel pot and pan interiors looking like they are straight off the retailer's shelf, and our stainless kitchen sink would sparkle if it could.

I also use a paste of BKF and water to very, very gently polish the stainless steel blades on sterling silver flatware. Again, wash immediately with dish soap, rinse and dry immediately to prevent water spots.

Polishing copper pots with BKF is easier than using vinegar and salt. Wash with dish soap immediately and rinse. You'll want to finish them off to a soft glow with a little Wenol if you are displaying your pots.

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