How to move a large potted plant

March 05, 2010 by Jeri Masterson In News

Today TW, a high school counselor from California, called wanting to move his huge sago palm. He found us by googling “How to move a large potted plant” and saw the youtube video showing just how easy it is! He was wondering whether to order the Professional or the Wider model.

The first thing he’s going to do when he gets home is measure the size of the pot at the bottom. He asked whether he could move the pot over grass and concrete. Of course BigSlider™ utility mover works on all surfaces, but GRASS is the stickiest surface of all! For example, a 50 lb mulch bag is about 21 lb pull force on grass – about a 2.4 x benefit. However, a 250 lb load requires only a 75 lb pull force on driveway concrete – about a 3.3 x improvement.  So his plan is to get the heavy pot off the grass ASAP, then move it along the sidewalk.

TW asked whether our product was like the furniture sliders you put under the couch legs. Yes, BigSlider™ is slick and tough BUT it is equally slick on both sides. If you can tilt, roll, or scooge your item just 1/16 inch — which is the thickness of the sheet — you can move it! Just work the load on by tilting and sliding. The more you get on the sheet, the easier it is to maneuver and load. Pull with a slow start…then when you get to the destination, you can easily slide it off. Or, for lighter loads do the ‘tablecloth trick’ to leave the load just where you want it.

He thinks the heavy sago palm pot is less than 2 ft in diameter and should fit on the Professional model. I recommended he purchase the Wider model if he has appliances to move later, or get the Professional if he plans to use it later to go through narrow interior door ways.

Thanks for the inquiry TW, and let us know how big your pot i



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