How to Move Heavy Stuff with Mag Ruffman

December 22, 2010 by Jeri Masterson In News

Moving a big load of branches

Mag Ruffman from ToolGirl.com recently showed how to move heavy stuff with BigSlider™ utility mover. Here’s what you’ll see in the video:

Move a heavy load of firewood; move a heavy potted plant; use it to stuff a bag full of detritus – then just remove it when you’re done; easy to load..and unload the car with heavy camping gear – especially joyful!…and drag your husband around when he’s King for the Day.

It’s an alternative to the wheel…and the wheelbarrow! Compare the handcart to BigSlider™ utility mover. “Simple and elegant…it’s a friction-reducer.” Slides over concrete, grass and wood – whatever you need to slide over. Turns on a dime!

Thanks Mag for the great demo! Here’s another link to the show…


And, you can see more from Mag at http://www.toolgirl.com/

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