I had to buy my own BigSlider...after my neighbor moved

I had to buy my own BigSlider...after my neighbor moved

August 04, 2020 by Jeri Masterson In News

I first discovered BigSlider over a decade ago through my neighbor who saw me struggling with yard work.  He let me borrow his BigSlider and let me tell you....Life. Has. Never. Been. The. Same.  

No longer did my husband have to hear me complain about taking seventy thousand trips to the street with arms full of branches scratching every open spot of available skin.  No longer did I curse at the rake, the bag, and anything else that would listen, when I had to bag half an acre worth of leaves.

This thing that simple minds might say is "just a piece of plastic" is so much more........it's a life saver.  Trimming trees?  One or two trips to the road pulling your piles and DONE.  Bagging leaves?  Your lawn bag is instantly upright and ready to fill without falling over.

My husband originally thought the price was a bit steep for such a thing - but, simply put, he was wrong.  What it has saved both of us in time and energy far exceeded the measly cost.  Let's be honest, we've all spent FAR more on WAY less useful products. 

I'm barely 5'4" and have the strength of a toddler. I cannot say enough good things about how BigSlider has helped me be able to move things and accomplish tasks in a fraction of the time.  The BigSlider may not do your yard work for you, but it makes it far more tolerable and makes you far more efficient than any other yard product out there can (trust me, I know).

Do yourself a favor, get this and start saving your time and energy.  Then tell all your friends about it too. (No, I'm not on the payroll, I'm just someone who was lucky enough to know someone who knew the benefits of BigSlider). Now, I'm telling you, grasshopper. I absolutely will not do yard work without it.       --- CM, NC


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