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Let me count the ways…

February 20, 2010 by Dick In News

When I got my Bigslider™, I thought it was something I would use rarely. I am not a gardener, and I have given up doing most of the household projects that I undertook when I was younger and stronger and could see better.

I used it to move some big pots around in my back yard around the pool, and then to carry out some debris that I created trimming bushes and trees in the yard with the help of my neighbor’s son. After that, I stood it up in my garage next to the dryer. I had a few inches of space between the dryer and a stack of wire baskets next to the hot water heater. Then, I pretty much put it out of my mind.

One day, I ran over a loose piece of curb next to my driveway and it flipped out into the drive where I could not get by it. This was a big chunk of concrete and I did not want to pick it up! I remembered my Bigslider™ and pulled it out. Using a shovel, I could lever the concrete up enough to get the slider under it (without my having to lift anything!, and I pulled it into my backyard where I easily dumped it to be used later as some kind of edge, or something.

After that, it was one thing after another, until, one day, reflecting on what this tool has done for me, I realized that I have used it a lot! At this point, my list includes:

  • Moving the big garden pots,
  • Moving the brush & tree trimmings,
  • Moving the concrete curb chunk,
  • Getting my new 42″ flat screen TV into my house alone,
  • Getting the old cathode ray TV (big & bulky) out of the house,
  • Hauling my broken dishwasher out of the house into the garage over the door step,
  • Cleaning construction debris out of my garage and house to put on the curb for “heavy trash day pickup”,
  • Moving my upright piano from the living room to the den so we could put new flooring in the living room to replace what the dishwasher flood ruined.

Right now, my Bigslider™ is parked under the piano, but I hope to restore it to its storage place in my garage next week after we get the furniture moved back into my newly floored living room where it will be readily available for it’s next unanticipated use. Who knows what to expect next?

What I do know is that my Bigslider is right there at the ready for whatever unexpected chore comes up, and I know I can do a lot around the house without risking being laid up with back strain by taking on the job myself!




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