Moving a Heavy Drill Press around the Garage

Moving a Heavy Drill Press around the Garage

September 01, 2011 by Jeri Masterson In News

Photo source: About.com

We had a call yesterday from a happy owner of BigSlider™ Professional model. He’s just retired and gone to live with his mom to take care of her — what a great son!

He’s going to set up a woodworking shop in the garage and plans to mount the 250+ lb drill press on a piece of plywood. He wants the bottom of the plywood to slide easily along the garage floor so he can move it away from the wall when working with larger pieces of wood. He wondered if BigSlider™ Small Appliance mover would be a good choice.

His plywood is 25 x 29 inches. Since our sheet material can’t be glued down (it’s too slippery to hold glue!), we debated whether he should try screwing in enough furniture sliders to not exceed the load limit per cap. Then he could slide the drill press on to BigSlider™ Professional model. Instead he chose the thinner, more flexible 26 x 31 in  YardPal™.

He’ll wrap the ends around the plywood and use a mechanical attachment like screws or nails. We’re shipping some extra sheeting material for reinforcements.

Thanks for the great idea, RD – please send photos!



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