Widow rebuilding her wood patio deck in Nova Scotia

July 28, 2010 by Jeri In News

Here’s how I found out about our Mag Ruffman (toolgirl.com) review!

“I live in a small village not far from Halifax. In our local paper “The Halifax Herald” on Fridays they add a small paper called Homes. In there  is a well known lady from Ontario who teaches all kinds of carpentry, demonstrations on how to repair every thing, her name is Marg [sic] Ruffman, she writes a page every week, also  I have been following her TV programs and our paper for as long as she has been around. She is super smart, down to earth and kind of funny. A fantastic carpentry etc teacher.

Last Friday she had a one page write up on your product( with pictures of her taking out a tree out of the ground and pulling it around her yard). She had nothing  but praises about your product.

Being 68 and widowed for 12 years i do all my own work, I just finished demolishing my patio, all except the base which is is good condition,new floor stairs and railings. One problem I always have is how to for example:- drag my large air conditioner into the back of my Blazer to take it for inspection also how to move large outdoor pots filled with earth, I usually use old carpets cardboard, 2″ x 4’s whatever I can think off, now I can use 2’X4”s to put between the porch and the back of my blazer and zip it into the back of it.  WOOOWWWEEE  Maybe in winter i can use it as a toboggan. Heck it would be fun.

Needless to say as soon as I saw your sliding carpet i wanted it ASAP to say the least was wowed.
I cannot wait to receive it. I am sure it will save me a lot of back, neck and shoulder aches, and i will not have to eat too many advils.
Ohhh the joys of getting older.”
— RS, NS



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