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We invented BIGSLIDER™ utility mover in 2005 to easily move heavy stuff.

I was a first-time home owner and trying to get things done by myself while my husband was at work. I asked him where I could get a big, strong sheet of slick material with a comfortable handle so I could move around heavy stuff like boxes, furniture, and potted plants.

We went to a local custom plastics fabricator to make what would become the Award-winning Professional model. We looked at all the plastic sheets they had in stock, and solid HDPE (high density polyethylene) was the winner! As Popular Mechanics says, it's "among the slipperiest solid substances known to man, and it's also among the toughest." The great thing about the HDPE sheet is that no matter how it gets scratched, it's the same slippery material all the way through.

When everyone asked where we got it, I realized we'd need a faster, cheaper way to make our tool. Several years later - and many iterations on the handle design! - we launched our lightweight Professional model at the National Hardware Show. We earned Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award and a spot on DIY Network's Cool Tools with Chris Grundy

Now we have several sizes -- Wider and Smaller -- plus BigSkids for moving furniture away from the wall.

The newest addition to our line up is the Heavy Duty Tray for when you have heavy or loose stuff like rocks and tools that need a lip to keep everything together. The tray weighs only 8 lbs, but it's strong enough to pull a pile of heavy rocks. By the way, the Heavy Duty Tray is my husband's favorite tool for home projects and yard work.


Empower anyone to move almost anything easily.

Our Goals

Reduce effort to move heavy and bulky loads at work and home. Increase productivity by less manpower and/or fewer trips. Empower an aging workforce to continue contributing



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